Doctor Strange 3 Updates: Benedict Cumberbatch’s final outing in the MCU?


According to Reports, Doctor Strange 3 is likely to be the final outing of Benedict Cumberbatch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Cumberbatch and Marvel Studios are discussing the terms of the actor’s return for Doctor Strange 3. The studio has already earmarked Doctor Strange 2’s production. It is reported that there will be a short gap between the two movies. But this will also bring an end to Cumberbatch’s time in the MCU.

Marvel Studios wants that the actor should be a part of the third movie as well. Doctor Strange 3 will also introduce the fan to the new sorceress who would take the story further, stepping into Cumberbatch’s shoes.

Who is the Mystery Character?

Fans will get to see a new character in the second part of the Doctor Strange trilogy. A 12-15 years old Puerto Rican actress will be seen in the movie. She is known as Miss America or America Chavez.

Miss America is capable of speed, strength and flight along with inter-reality transportation. She has all the strengths of Cumberbatch’s character in the comics. Apparently, Miss America will have a supporting role alongside Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen.

When will fans get to see Doctor Strange 2 ?

We still don’t have much detail on the second part of the movie. In April, Durector Sam Raimi replaced Scott Derrickson. Michael Waldron was also brought on board to sharpen the screenplay. The filming of the movie was set to begin in May. However, the pandemic has pushed the dates.

According to Marvel, Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness is set to hit the screens in March 2022.

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