Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time sneak peak, new videos released

4 videos of Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time are out to give you a sneak peak

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time was revealed just last month. It is a featured VR video –game that promises you an enchanting world. A world is full of non-human species, mystery and wonders of its own. This month 4 new videos came-out, which show behind the scenes happenings. As well as the monsters that players will find in the video-game.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

4 videos of Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time are out to give you a sneak peak

The Hydrorks are a part of the video-game
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The game is supposed to hold a never-seen-before, fully-interactive adventure for the players. It is a creation that is inspired by the 55-year-old history and reputation of the show. Its developer, Maze theory, released the 4 videos that give a sneak peek into the videogame.

The videos also encase a developer diary narrating the journey which brought Doctor Who to VR. The launch of the game is set for the month of September, this very year. The places were the video-game will launch are PlayStation VR (obviously), HTC Vive, Oculus Rift as well as on the Vive Cosmos.

What the videos hold for us??

The first video is a developer diary type of video. It portraits the making of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time. The video explains how the main aim of the game is to create a special and authentic experience for gamers to behold.

4 videos of Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time are out to give you a sneak peak

Weeping Angles
Source: Doctor Who

The second video introduces the viewers with the Hydrorks that plague the game. These vicious amphibians are a brand-new addition to Doctor Who: The Edge of Time. They at times serve as pets for different races which include Zygons and Stenza. Hydrorks are fascinated by human taste and possess no table manners as portrayed by the video.

Terrifying yet powerful weeping angles are also a part of the video-game. The third video of Doctor Who: The Edge of time confirms their presence. Their eyes are supposed to be closed so as to avoid permanent freezing by other angels.

The fourth video is about Daleks from the planet Skaro, who adorns the game. Their main-leader who is also an evil scientist is also present. The scientist initially belonged to the Kaleds race but due to exposure to nuclear war, it got modified genetically.

Well, the videos are sure fun to watch. Gamers are excited about the game and are patiently waiting for them too far away from the launch date.

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