Does Ghost Recon get a new update? What is this new arc “Operation Oracle” all about?

Does Ghost Recon gets a new Update

Tom Clancy followers are ranting for the new teaser via Skellcon, a skell technology which had massive assistance for the Tom Clancy’s Ghost-Recon.

The Skellcon, a technology-based website creates drones for civilians as well as military purposes. There’s a mystery left inside the teaser, but an update visualizes a date “May 9, 2019″ along with time “11.30 PST”. There is something new to be revealed with the details provided. Fans depict a new game or just a new game trailer or teaser to come out.

Ghost Recon: What does it say?

Ubisoft, Video Game Company or the sole developer has a new arc. The Ghost Recon Wildlands has new dimension known as “Operation Oracle”. As for now, it’s believed Skell is Tom Clancy’s assistance. So, the disclosure will be of the game for now.

Does Ghost Recon gets a new Update? Revealing teaser from previous family

Does Ghost Recon gets a new Update
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Tom Clancy’s previous game, Splinter Cell will also get an update. Operation Oracle teaser featuring Punisher’s actor, Jon Bernthal rescues a Skell engineer in a mission. The website also has a label representing the ESRB, whose rating is still on due.

We are at an edge of disclosure!

So, covering all the hints and clues we stand in a position that there will be an update to the previous game. Or maybe a chance to get a whole new game. For this, we have to hold hands of what Ubisoft is teasing on the 9th of May.

Does Ghost Recon gets a new Update? Revealing teaser from previous family

For the time being, the drones in the video seemed like Watch Dogs. An update on the Ghost Recon will be the noticeable thing but we can’t miss out the Splinter Cell outburst rumours all over.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is accessible to all available devices – PCs, Xbox & PS4

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