Donald Trump To Crack a Deal to Knock Down HIV Virus

Donald Trump To Crack a Deal to Knock Down HIV Virus

Donald Trump is all set to make an end to the HIV epidemic in United States. Trump strikes big HIV drug deal with medical agency, Gilead Sciences to knock out the virus from USA.

More Information About the Deal

Donald Trump To Crack a Deal to Knock Down HIV Virus

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Gilead Sciences is a US based biotechnology company that researches and develops drugs , especially for chronic diseases. Eventually, they have discovered a prevention drug for HIV named Truvada.

The company has recently signed a deal with US president. It will be supplying enough of the medicine to support Trump’s initiative. He aims to eradicate transmission of the virus from the country within the next decade.

The drug costs around $20,000 per year. It can help eliminate the risk of this disease by 97 percent if taken daily combined with prevented and safe sex practises.

 Human Services and Health Secretary Alex Azar announced President Trump as “the master in charge for deals done” creates results for taxpayers.

“And as part of that, a key part of that, is for people who are at risk of contracting HIV, they need to be on this drug called PrEP,” he later explained.

What is HIV and AIDS?

Donald Trump To Crack a Deal to Knock Down HIV Virus

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Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks the CD4 immune cells of the body. It alters the immune system and increases the risk of diseases and infections.

AIDS is the advanced stage of HIV.Once developed, infections pose a greater risk. It may be transmitted through used syringes of infected patient or during an unprotected sexual practice with an infected person.

In 2015, around 1,122,900 people were found infected with deadly virus  compared to the figures of 2016, only 18,160 people were detected positive. Currently, no cure is  available for HIV or AIDS. But with preventions and regular medication, the effects can be eliminated.

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