Dota 2: Valve raises winning prize to 25.5 Million dollars

Want to earn 25.5 Million dollars? Play Dota 2

Yes, you heard it right, 25.5 Million Dollars. “Valve” already released the gaming pass for DOTA 2. Two months prior in May and the winning prize has unexpectedly risen to above 25 Million Dollars. This winning prize money is the largest in both DOTA and gaming history.

The game to rule the top spot every year as the best online multiplayer game now also added this award. “The largest winning prize” ever in gaming history. Also, the battle pass introduces various features and new items in the gameplay.

The event will take place between August 20 to 25.  And the battle pass will include the following things.

  • Exclusive contents.
  • Featurettes.
  • Rewards.

Further details of Battle pass

  • It will include a custom game mode.
  • The title will be Wrath of the Mo’rokai.
  • It will be based on Forest adventures.
  • Inclusion of custom unlockable towers.
  • “Guardians of the lost Path”.
  • Inclusion of consumables and new items.
  • “Trusty Shovel”, “Snake-Balloon” and “Silly Monkey”
  • Now you can play with people who are not added in your steam list with the help of Party Finder.
  • New challenge based on helping users and gamers with lower MMR’s.
  • A new option is added in the gameplay namely “Avoid player”.
  • There are also MVP poses added in the game and many more items which you can check out for yourself.


The prices of different battle passes are as follows:

  • Standard Edition battle pass – 699 INR.
  • Level 50 Battle Pass – 2049 INR.
  • Level 100 Battle Pass – 3149 INR.

The prize for the event winner will the 1/4th of the total battle pass collection. There are other rewards too which will help players to increase their battle pass level very quickly. Some of them include the Doubling of MMR’s record and recycling items during gameplay.

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