Dr Stone Episode 3 Reviews: Will Senku and Tsukasa succeed?

Dr Stone Episode 3 Reviews: Will Senku and Tsukasa succeed?

Dr Stone Episode 3 was insanely engrossing, entertaining and overall a fun episode to watch. Dr. Stone episode 4 is expected to be more fun filled and thrilling than the previous one. It is going to release on 26th of July.

Dr Stone Episode 3 is good:

Dr Stone Episode 3 was sheer class. Many of the anime fans have fallen in love with the episode. Because Dr Stone Episode 3 lets us know kind of concept of what Arc we are entering into.

We are having two teams in a race, basically a scientific race. This race is mainly about who can reach the scientific weapons early to destroy the other team.

Dr. Stone Episode 3 reviews

Dr. Stone trailer shot

For this type of case, Senku is the one we can rely upon. He is the one who knows a lot about world and creating things. He realizes that in order to combat against bad people, he certainly needs a backup for defense. This is the reason he needs advance civilization which can make use of stuffs like gunpowder. This certainly will be a big achievement.

Dr. Stone will be great:

Dr. Stone Episode 3 reviews

The bikes are amazing

If they are able to reinvent gunpowder, black powder, only then they will be able stand against the Tsukasa. Because it doesn’t matter how strong you are, because at the end of the day you are just a man. So there’s certainly a race between clock right now and the race is of seeking the weapons.

Can Senku make the advanced technology to be eligible for counter attack? Will Tsukasa be available to get the enhancements. I doubt that Tsukasa will be stopping the advancement of technology. Because we came to know what Senku said so in the episode towards the end.

So the question comes down to who will get first to weapons. The quest is of revival and lets see who will emerge at the top.

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