Dragon Age 4: Exclusive new upgrade from BioWare Studio’s Anthem with Dragons

Dragon Age 4: The new upgrade to Anthem

BioWare studio is all set to release its new expected multi-player game, Dragon Age 4. The is popularly called Anthem with Dragons.

Bioware the creator of Baldur’s Gate and the groundbreaking Mass Effect Trilogy was the tycoon of the game industry. That was the story before Anthem, the game that made BioWare a loser.

Now focusing on Dragon Age 4 we can’t neglect Anthem.  Some of the BioWare developers say that it’s possible that the new Dragon Age game built on Anthem’s codebase could have an offline structure too.

Dragon Age 4: The new upgrade to Anthem

However, it appears the game will likely be online-structured, but could largely still be experienced by a single player.

Is Dragon Age 4 a successor of Anthem?

The answer to this question is yes.

It may be possible because Jason Schreier has written an article on Dragon Age 4‘s development in which he explained his opinion of Anthem’s failure.

Also, as for now, we haven’t seen anything official other than a brief teaser. So we can’t say much about that Bioware’s final product Dragon Age 4.

Dragon Age 4: The new upgrade to Anthem

According to Kotaku, the current version of Dragon Age 4 ‘s codename is Morrison, while the cancelled project was known by Joplin.

The multiplayer functionality of this new game is still not confirmed because Joplin was not built on the multiplayer-gaming architecture.

Well, it is confirmed that we are definitely going to see an amazing game.

Or this might be an upgrade over Anthem. As far as the popularity of the game is concerned Bioware is not going to repeat the faults of Anthem again.

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