Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 Spoilers And Detailed Summary; Is It The End Of Vegeta’s Character Arc?

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 spoilers are already out in the form of manga drafts. Even the full summary is out. The manga chapter is coming out a day earlier this month. It is because February 21st is a Sunday and hence the manga schedule will work a day in advance so that everyone involved doesn’t have to work on the holiday.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 Spoilers and VJump Leaks

The Vjump leaks by Ryokutya are arriving a day earlier. The magazine copies that contains the manga spoilers will be transported two days earlier to the stores and hence the leakers gets access to the manga panels. In leaked details, we learn that Lord Beerus is continuing to maneuver Vegeta towards learning the ways of the Gods of Destruction. But instead of teaching Vegeta some kind of new energy technique, Beerus seems to be working his mind, with questions about the nature of Saiyans and their violent history. Now fans are seriously debating where the superhit manga is taking Vegeta – and it seems to be toward the natural end of his character arc in the series.

Dragon Ball Super

Vegeta’s been on a long and significant journey since his debut in Dragon Ball Z. The Prince of Saiyans was one of the most savage villains in the universe and came to Earth to do sadistic things to Goku and the Z-Fighters. Vegeta’s reformation has come gradually but surely over the course of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. However, becoming a good guy hasn’t changed who Vegeta is at his core. The Prince of Saiyans is still fueled by pride and anger, and thankfully Dragon Ball Super has opened the path for those personality traits to become the source of a power that Vegeta can harness.

That’s the key word, here: “harness.” The natural end of Dragon Ball’s character arc for Vegeta is seeing the Saiyan Prince harness all the rage and pride inside him and turn it into something awesome like the Destroyer Gods’ power of Hakai. Gods of Destruction don’t just destroy for pleasure – they act as a pruning device to keep weeds from strangling the garden of life in the universe. There could be no nobler end for Vegeta, while still keeping him true to his character.

Release Date And Read Manga Officially

The upcoming chapter can be read for free on several sites and here are the official sources that are totally legal. The latest three chapters of the manga series are always free to read and hence one should always use the following websites and platforms, and this would also help the manga creators.

  • VIZ media
  • Shonen Jump
  • Mangaplus

Chapter 69 will release on Friday, February 19th. And the manga issue will be live at 10 am EST.

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