Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 Preview, Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scans And Latest Update

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 is the next issue in the manga series to release and it will continue the Granola arc. Looks like the manga has finally introduced a villain who is not simply evil and wants to destroy the world, but someone who wants revenge for the destruction of his planet.

dragon ball super

Fans are hoping to see Goku back in action in the upcoming chapter as the Super Saiyan was absent in the previous one. The Saiyans are a unique race that holds so much power that can destroy the entire Universe and they need to be put in check.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 Spoilers And Preview

Spoilers for the new chapter will be out around March 10th-12th in the form of draft leaks arriving on the internet. The manga drafts are the rough panels that have been somehow gets leaked along with the chapter title and summary for the first few pages.

It was previously revealed that Granola gets his hands on one of the Dragon Balls on the planet Cereal and he asks the dragon to make him the strongest warrior in the Universe. While it is not clear how the wish will work, the imminent chapter will answer all our doubts, for sure.

Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online

Chapter 70 release date is currently set as March 18, 2021, as per the official website. The latest manga chapters in the manga series are released monthly on every 20th and it could be a day or two early or later depending on the Holidays.

Dragon Ball Super

The raw scans for next chapter will be leaked online around 2-3 days earlier. And spoilers will be out around March 15-17, to be precise. Spoilers and summary will be updated when the manga raw scans or drafts are verified and translated into English. The manga chapters can be read online for free on official Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps and websites.

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