Dream Homes available in downtown Birmingham : Check Details!

Dream Homes available in downtown Birmingham

We live in harsh times, and home is the only place where we can find solace. An every-single human that has ever walked on this planet had at least once given a thought about how the place where they reside should look like.

Thinking about your dream home is now more of a common phenomenon that it had ever been. So here we are with a piece of news that might provide you with that exact home that has haunted your dreams for a long time now.

Birmingham might be holding your dream home

The dream homes build in downtown Birmingham will cater to all your needs. These homes feature style plus energy savings and are ergo equipped with solar planes. These dreams homes make their residents environmentally responsible citizens. Sans giving up on luxurious and desirable living.

Birmingham is offering a dream home
Source: Brenda Wade

The address of this house is 543 Lincoln St. Birmingham. The house provides a comfortable and stylish living. It encases within itself Red Oak staircases lined on either side by glass walls or 30 solar planes. As well as battery storage facility thus allowing it owner to live off the grid.

The house is located in a family friendly environment and is within walking distance from shopping malls and city parks. The flooring of the entire house id done in Lauzon Absolut woods and Anderson Eagle windows add a certain amount of charm to the place.

Facilities offered by the house

Dream Homes available in downtown Birmingham

Dream homes for sale!!
Source: Brenda Wade

The house is built on 2,995 square-foot land and homes 4 bedrooms. I have 3 bathrooms plus an extra small half bathroom. The kitchen of the households a quartz countertop, a 48” Capital Culinarian range as well as a magnificent kitchen island.

The laundry room is situated on the 2nd floor. So you don’t have to run upstairs after switching off the light pheewwww. It’s so convenient.

The master bedroom is equipped with a steam shower as well as it is facilitated with a spa-infused bath. The outdoors homes a gas grill line and is blessed with a .21 acre land with sprinkler system.

Well, this house perfectly fits the definition of an ideal home.

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