Drew Barrymore Latest News: Actress On The Verge Of Collapse? Exhausted With Juggling Career And Family?


Drew Barrymore seems to have way too much on her plate now. Being a mom and juggling her talk show alongside, has reduced the Fifty First Dates actress close to collapse.

Drew Barrymore Burning Herself Out?

Recently tabloids went into detail about Barrymore’s busy schedule, stating that the E.T. actress is taking on too many tasks. Apparently, Barrymore had no idea that juggling work and family would be this hard. Additionally, Barrymore’s alleged unhealthy diet of caffeine and junk food is keeping her up at night. As a working mom, the Charlie’s Angels star is supposedly close to collapse.

Drew Barrymore

Thriving As A Working Mother

Barrymore’s talk show isn’t her first undertaking since she became a mom. Motherhood hasn’t stopped the talented actress. Since giving birth in 2012, her career hasn’t skipped a beat. The Never Been Kissed actress has been in many major films since she started her family. She even starred in the Netflix original Santa Clarita Diet for three seasons before starting her talk show.

Drew Barrymore

Contradicting this story, all reports show that Barrymore is thriving in her career. While it’s true her kids are one of the reason she’s taken a step back from acting, her new direction seems to fit her homelife much better. As for Barrymore’s health, there’s no evidence to suggest she’s ill.

On the contrary, she speaks out through her talk show on the best ways to nourish the body and has been a long-time advocate for the health benefits of walking barefoot. She even recently launched a gorgeous line of kitchen appliances, seamlessly blending her career and homelife.

More Lies About The Actress

Barrymore has been at the center of all sorts of rumors throughout the past year. Last October, rumour was that she’s been having TV wars with Ellen DeGeneres. After all, their talk shows are, allegedly, competing with each other. Additionally, gossip columns inaccurately claimed before that Barrymore was on a “downward spiral.”

However, there is also no truth to these claims. Barrymore and DeGeneres are not in direct competition with one another. Nor is Drew on a downward spiral.

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