Dyson Lightcycle: too good to afford

Dyson Lightcycle

Be it a bibliophile, a student or an executive, the desk of a person is center of his life. Most of our desks are clustered with notebooks, coffee mugs, used wrappers and our larger than life electronic devices. Amidst the persisting usable yet cheap items, a Dyson light may seem like a skyscraper surrounded by slums. Let’s get on an overwhelming review of the Dyson Lightcycle.

Dyson Task-light: An overview

Dyson Task Lightcycle: Too Good To Afford


Dyson Lightcycle is a kind of light-lamp, manufactured by British based tech-manufacturers Dysons. Since it’s Dysons’, it’s surely gonna be highly reliable yet over engineered.

The light works greatly. While you slide your fingers to the top, the color and brightness accordingly changes. The light is fabricated with great attention and precision. There is surely no room for even the slightest of errors.

Furthermore, it’s wireless and you may carry it more like a showpiece at home. The construction is impressively done. The long sleeves of light makes it reachable to every corner of the desk. Indeed, the task light is quite beautiful.

The light works greatly in every situation. Dyson also promises the light to be as good for coming 60 years. The lamp’s LED is savagely durable.

Dyson Lightcycle: It ain’t that bad(pun intended)

Dyson Task Lightcycle: Too Good To Afford

Picture- DYSON

Spending $600 on a small task light might not seem to be a good idea. You may arrange for 60 more lamps in the same price range. You may gotta pay the rent of your two-month in the same deal. If you are thinking to buy it, the deal is definitely going to suck your whole year’s pocket money.

A fair deal of replicas are available in the market which will surely fall in your budget. Moreover, it uses a smartphone app for it’s functioning. AI is quite important today, but it feels bizzare to have it for a small light.

I would rather suggest to check out the nearby market for similar but cheap items. You are really gonna find something more sustainable.

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