Earth Dwellers to Witness Another Seasonal Blue Moon on Saturday

Blue moon

Saturday’s full moon will be slightly different from ordinary full moons of the spring. It’s going to be a seasonal Blue Moon. So grab your natural telescopes and be ready for the astounding event.

Is the Blue Moon really blue?

Earth Dwellers to Witness Another Seasonal Blue Moon on Saturday

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The full moons in month of May are typically the Flower Moons. This year, the Flower Moons will be coinciding with another rare occurrence: a Blue Moon. The Saturday’s moon is the third full moon of this spring season.

Do not confuse with it’s name. It has nothing to do with the color, blue. Turns out, they are two kinds of Blue Moons. There are known to be two full moons in a whole calendar month-Blue moons are typically the second full moons. Such a phenomenon is witnessed in every 2.5 years. 

Furthermore, another definition of a Blue Moon was derived back in 1528, which is going to define Saturday’s event. According to the definition, a blue moon is the third full moon of a season having four full moons in total.

The reason behind the phenomenon is Astronomical spring which runs from spring equinox on March 20 to June 21 of summer solstice.

In the time-being, four full moons will be observed:
1. March 20 (worm moon)

2. April 19 (pink moon)

3. May 18 (flower moon and blue moon)

4. June 17 (strawberry moon)

In addition, the last seasonal one of the era fell on May 21, 2016.  The moon’s visibility will hit our eyes at 4.12 p.m. CDT on Saturday afternoon .

Native nomenclature of full moons

Earth Dwellers to Witness Another Seasonal Blue Moon on Saturday

Source- Space

There are several other names for the full moons of May. The Farmer’s Almanac of America started publishing the native names for full moons, back in 1930. May’s full moon is called as Flower Moon, the Milk Moon or the Corn Planting Moon. Halloween will welcome the next Blue Moon in 2020.

Interestingly, there are moons that have truly appeared blue. But such events are very rare to occur. The 1883 this bluish wonder of Indonesia, after krakatoa volcano eruption exemplified the event.

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