Edge of Tomorrow 2 Sequel demanded by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt Fans

Edge of Tomorrow 2 Sequel demanded by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt Fans

Edge of Tomorrow sequel is something every Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt fans want after watching the first movie. While the first Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie was missed in theaters by many moviegoers due to poor marketing and confusing trailers, the home media release has given its new levels of popularity.

It has been more than 5 years and fans have now started to demand for Edge of Tomorrow 2 and are waiting for any updates on the sequel. Since the movie was average at the box-office despite being a critical success, it is taking longer for the sequel to arrive. But fans have now started to demand Edge of Tomorrow 2 sequel from Warner Bros. and wants Tom Cruise-Emily Blunt pair back in action.

Fans are Demanding Edge of Tomorrow 2

Fans are Demanding Edge of Tomorrow 2

Edge of Tomorrow has somehow become a cult-classic for its action scenes, innovative storyline and the chemistry between the lead cast. It is why a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow with the title ‘Live Die Repeat and Repeat’ was confirmed with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt reprising their roles.

However both the stars are busy in other projects including Mission Impossible 7-8, Top Gun: Maverick, Marry Poppins sequel, A Quiet Place 2 and even Christopher McQuarrie (co-writer) is attached to the movies. It is why fans and viewers who have watched the first movie feels it will take forever and have been actively asking on Twitter and other social media platforms for Edge of Tomorrow sequel.

Edge of Tomorrow Sequel: Everything we Know So Far

Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Everything we Know So Far

Doug Liman has been hired to direct the Edge of Tomorrow sequel with a fresh new concept based on ‘All You Need is Kill’ manga storyline. It has been said that Edge of Tomorrow 2 will revolutionize how movie sequels are made and it could be a prequel within a sequel where Blunt’s character Rita Vrataski would be controlling the day-reset powers.

There are now reports saying that screenplay is finished and once all the stars are free at the same time, filming will start. Edge of Tomorrow 2 could release somewhere in 2022-23 based on the production schedule with a trailer around six months before the release date.

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