EE SIM-only offers Beats X headphone for free

EE SIM-only offers Beats X headphone for free

EE Sim-only offers a deal that is great. Just last year EE offered Beats headphone with iPhone X. They always tend to bring new deals that are extraordinary.

This summer offer from EE has a free turn. When offers are for SIMO – the amount actually paid is utmost. Explicitly, the returns are huge. Combining all the paid-offs, returns and the free loiters are extraordinary.

So, this time talking about EE SIM-only offers they have the “Beat X Wireless headphones” with SIMOs. With a small amount of £27, the customers can get that headphone and 50GB of new data every single month. This combo is viable for 12 months separately.

EE SIM-only offers Beats X headphone for free

Source: The Verge

EE Sim-only offers: There’s price play too!

If you are willing to shorten the period then an amount of £23 is required. For which you will get around 25GB billed monthly. Unfortunately, you won’t receive the headphone. The headphone is only applicable to customers who chooses the £27 plans. But, you will be under the networks plans terms and conditions of EE.

The headphone will be delivered to the customers via post within 15 working days of the order being made.

Additional incentives are BANG!

What did you expect to do with your headphone? The franchise has a lot more with £27 and £23 from you. Whichever plan is chosen, they offer free calls and text messages.

EE SIM-only offers Beats X headphone for free

Source: EE

Additionally, get 6 months of subscription to MTV play, Amazon Prime Video and Apple Music. With a bonus of free 3 months free to BT sport. There won’t be no less content to watch. Stream with EE’s super speed 4G network in UK.

Grab the deal before it expires on May 15. If it’s unconvincing, better check other SIM-only deals in the UK. Smarty offers the same kind of deal with the viable amount of £25 and an additional £20 Amazon voucher. Still, Smarty is new to this SIM-only race.

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