Electronic Arts, developer of Anthem have new plans to launch online game

Electronic Arts, developer of Anthem have new plans to launch online game

Electronic Arts, after its acquisitive fail of “Anthem” wants to change the way of releasing online games. Anthem, a third party shooter game was supposed to be a big bash release this year. However, it didn’t live up to much expectations.

EA admitted that Anthem was unable to meet the expectations. Due to lacked content, the performance problem and the loot system was bugged. The biggest release is a failure. However, they aren’t repeated, there are changes to launch online games.

Electronic Arts, developer of Anthem have new plans to launch online game

Source: EA

Anthem: What made them fail?

Andrew Wilson said, “The reality is, it’s not just an EA challenge, and it’s an industry-wide challenge”. That is to say, the large scale games have difficulty in operating and creating. Wilson also claimed – the way games are launched is important.

As of now, Asia follows the trend of soft launches. Firstly, the games are soft launched. Secondly, test updates are rolled and future updates are done. Finally, the live version of the game is released or the game is made live. But in the West, according to CEO, there is an opposite approach of game launching. At first, there is an ample amount of marketing, in addition to the full release of the game and which has lack of testing.

New Strategies

As from resources, Electronic Arts and BioWare didn’t expect the sale would be so low. They didn’t mention the number of units sold. However, they didn’t hit the market like the previous releases. BioWare is a video game developing company with the previous big release of Mass Effect 3.

The lack of direction and leadership at BioWare lead to the failure of the Anthem. He believes that change in the procedure of launching a game can lead to better development and durability. This would also help the players to know what they are playing and how to play the game.

EA’s CEO said, “They are moving out of presentation mode and into conversation mode” this would also help the players to approach a level of excitement and improved player experience.

To sum up, Anthem is a big project and BioWare is committed to better content and optimizations. Hopefully, this new plan produces better results and faultless projects in the future.

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