Electronic Arts Reveals Madden NFL 20 Ratings

Madden NFL 20 Ratings revealed

Electronic Arts started the Madden 20 by revealing the top-ranked rookies in the virtual football game. Now the company has given rankings for four highest-rated players with 99 points. These players are the ones who are the best in the game. The ranking has been evaluated without bringing in the X-factor abilities of players.

EA Reveals Ratings in Bits and Pieces

Madden NFL 20 Ratings revealed

EA sports went a step further and released the ratings of all the players in the football video game. This includes the rookies the top-ranked as well as the mediocre’s in the game. Every player’s ratings revealed made it possible for EA also to release the top-ranked team in the competition.

The top-ranked players in the game are Chicago Bears OLB Khalil Mack, Seattle Seahawks ILB Bobby Wagner,  Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald and Houston Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins.

The ratings of all the players in the game are most likely to be changed throughout the NFL season. Roster updates are released continuously by EA based on the performance of the players in the league.

Madden 20 Equipped With X-factor

Madden NFL 20 Ratings revealed

Madden 20’s newly added X-factor furnishes highly rated players special abilities which to use at critical moments. The X-factor abilities are all present in these 99-rated players.

As per the reports of Pasta Padre, Donald can place pressure on QB and still engaged in a block. Hopkins can win aggressive caches against single coverage. Wagner and Mack also come with super abilities in the game which you will come to know when you play the game.

Madden 20 releases on August 2 for all the platforms, including PS 4, Xbox One, and PC. But if you decide to pre-order the game, you can get it on July 31. EA exclusive access members will get an allocated time early to experience the game, just like usual.

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