Elementary Season 8: Will the Show Be Cancelled or Renewed?

Elementary Season 8 cancelled

Elementary is a show which has been around our TV screens for quite some time now. However, the show’s 8th season is caught between being shut down and being renewed as the network isn’t able to take a final call on it. While the seventh season has already come to a close, fans are wondering if this show that they love so much and have followed for such a long time would be renewed for Elementary Season 8.

Elementary Season 8 Canceled?

Rumors of the show being canceled have been around since 2018. However, the Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller-starrer has managed to survive for seven seasons so far! The news of the show being canceled first appeared on ‘Deadline’ the previous year, which stated that the decision of discontinuation was unanimous and we won’t get a new season in 2020.

Kelly Karl, the President of CBC Entertainment defined the show as good however the decision is taken after consideration of several aspects.

Elementary Season 8 cancelled

The executive producer and the creator of Elementary have also confirmed that the seventh season will indeed be the last one!

Another Reason Why the Show is Being Canceled

Another factor for the cancellation of Elementary Season 8 is perhaps the expiration of the contracts. When the seventh season of the show ended, the contracts of the actors were also up and renegotiating would have probably meant paying more to the actors while the show wasn’t performing as per the network’s expectations which would make no sense for CBC.

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