Elizabeth Warren wants to get rid of the filibuster


Senator Elizabeth Warren recently makes an announcement. This is on Friday in New York, at a civil rights conference. Warren says that she is in support of ending the legislative filibuster of the Senate.

Filibuster is a dramatic change. Democrats have been squeamish on this since long. Senator Elizabeth Warren is a 2020 presidential candidate. She is the second candidate who supports ending filibuster.

Warren says this rule has been abused by the conservatives. This is only to suppress the racial progress. That too in the entire history of United States.

Elizabeth Warren addressed the crowd at the National Action Network Convention. She says there that senate had passed a bill last year. This bill would have made lynching a federal crime.

What did Elizabeth Warren speak on fillibuster?

She further says that in 1918, lynching was already a federal crime. It had become a law in that time, nearly. But the law called killed. This is because of the filibuster.

Another contender of presidential election 2020, Jay Inslee says is in favour of ending filibuster. In the absence of filibuster, House and Senate, both are under a simple majority rule. This therefore makes the passing of the legislation easier.

Warren also requests the Democrats to be bold the next time they have power. She says that they are done with two sets of rules. One of which is for the Republicans and the other for the Democrats.

Whether she will succeed in making this happen or not is still a question.

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