Ellen DeGeneres left alone and Heartbroken as Friends refuse to show Support


Ellen DeGeneres has a lot of pals in the industry, but only a few are coming to rescue her. Recently, Ashton Kutcher, Katy Perry, Jay Leno and Diane Keaton all showed their support towards Ellen DeGeneres.

Back in 2014, the comedian posed for a group picture with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and many more at the award show.

A source pointed out that the viral photo celebs have not come to save her pal amid a slew of criticisms.

Did her Hollywood pals abandon her?

The tabloid published a mysterious headline saying that Hollywood dumped Ellen DeGeneres and one is standing on her side.

However, this statement is partially true. Some of her pal in Hollywood already defended her.

‘The Ellen Show’ former employees revealed some shocking allegations

Recently, 10 former employees told a news channel that there’s very harmful work environment on the sets of the show. Some of them also claimed that there were sexual harassment and racism on the sets of the show.

Some days later, former employees named Hedda Muskat and Tony Okunbowa came forward who were the witnesses of toxic work environment on show’s set.

Ellen needs her A-list friends support

A source claimed that Ellen needs the support from Hollywood to clear her name, but she is not getting any support.

Ellen isn’t getting the support from Hollywood. The silence is deafening.

Earlier this year, Blake Shelton and Dax Shepard rescued Ellen after she was found  hanging out with George W. Bush. But this time, they have not said anything about her.

Currently , Warner Bros is handling the matter. They will had a conversation with former as well as current employees of the show. Despite all these claims, DeGeneres will return to host the Ellen Show.

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