Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi Divorce: Couple is ready for trial separation?


The never ending controversy going around Ellen DeGeneres has put her marriage under spotlight as well. Despite Rossi’s support for DeGeneres, tabloids continue to spread new stories about the two each day.

The tabloid claims that the marriage of the two is going through some tough times. Rossi has even suggested a trial separation. But DeGeneres didn’t agree to it.

DeGeneres said ‘No’ to Trial Separation

Ellen is trying hard to convince Rossi to stay with her. She is worried that just like her A-list friends, Rossi would also walk away. But has Rossi already made her decision? The source reported,

Even before this scandal, they were fighting a lot, and Ellen’s been pushing her luck with the shabby way she treats Portia. Lately, she’s been working all hours, and when Portia does see her, she’s barking orders and treating her like an underappreciated assistant.

If Ellen agrees to the trial separation, Rossi will stay in Santa Barbara. On the other hand, Ellen will be in Los Angeles. But it seems unlikely that DeGeneres would ever agree. She has made all sorts of promises to make Rossi stay.

Rossi surprised by ongoing rumors?

A source claimed that Rossi was surprised to know about allegations that DeGeneres was accused of. But the truth is that DeGeneres’ would never do that to her employees. Furthermore, none of the employees ever made such allegations.

Rumors Busted

None of the rumors about DeGeneres and Rossi’s marriage is true. In fact, there marriage is as rock solid as ever amidst the ongoing crisis. Rossi said that her wife was doing great.

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