Elon Musk Confirmed Tesla Semi Mass Production


The Tesla Semi, a semi-truck model production is getting real after Elon Musk confirmed it in a leaked email. Even though Tesla will not sell it on a consumer level, people are still excited to see the all-electric semi-trucks hit the road.

The leaked email was published by CNBC, where Musk stated, “It’s time to go all out and bring Tesla Semi to volume production.” Elon Musk clarified this issue by answering to question related to it with a “Yes”.

Tesla first announced Tesla Semi two years ago. Given the timeline, Tesla might have modified some of the designs and features. In his email, Musk also mentioned that Tesla Semi had been in limited production. It allows the company to improvise on many aspects of the semi-trucks’ design.

However, it remains unclear if Musk’s message means the mass production will start this year. If that is the case, Tesla could release the semi-truck in late 2020. Otherwise, the audience might have to wait until next year for Tesla to deliver its Tesla Semi.

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