Elon Musk plans to enable Human Brains to control Computers

Elon Musk Nerualink

Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla and SpaceX has come up with another invention that will change our life. This time Musk is working on a special chip which can connect our brain with any computer through neural links. During his recent presentation at San Francisco in California Academy of Sciences, Musk revealed his plans to the public.

The plan is to connect human brains with computers with the help of artificial intelligence. Elon Musk has been always skeptical about AI and its uses and fears that Robots will overtake humans in the future.

The special brain chip designed by him will make sure that our knowledge and brains survive in the future. Here are the details and working of the chip and future plans of Elon Musk on it.

How will the Brain Chip work?

Elon Musk said that currently, they are seeking federal permission to test this chip on human beings. As of right now, the chip has been tested on animals and a monkey was able to control a computer from his brain. Musk founded the Neuralink Corporation in 2016 to create a chip that can help in finding symptoms and treat chronic diseases.

The goal is to merge human brains with AI with the help of a wireless chip. A 2-millimeter incision will be created on human heads and the highly advanced neural chip will be inserted. Once a successful connection is created, the computer and human brain can co-exists and control each other.

Elon Musk planning for Symbiosis AI

Humanity will always be at risk with the development of AI and under such a situation we need to have a back-up. Elon Musk believes that with the help of a chip we can preserve and enhance our brain. The plan is to create some sort of symbiosis between human brains and AI.

Musk further added that human brains are too slow and still need fingers for making simple addition. With the symbiotic brain, we can do so much more and excel in every field. It will still take many years to implement, but the goal is to provide it at cheap rates so everyone can have access to it.

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