Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, and Kit Harington during premieres of Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington and all characters appearance at the premiere was amazing.
The Game of Thrones premiere at the red carpet was extravagant.

The huge crowd was lovely enough to offer warm welcomes to the stars who arrived for the premieres of the Game of Thrones.

There were all the cast members walking through the glorious red carpet through Rockefeller centre which also had a 35 feet high stature or replica of the Iron throne the show.

Details of the Premiere

The red carpet lit up with the presence of Emilia Clarke. She is playing Daenerys Targaryen who is the mother of dragons in Game of Thrones. The Valentino gown and the look she carried the day was all mesmerizing.

She said that her attire was all that represented her character in the show. She wore a gown that was like those of the warrior queen which had not much of the fabric not even corsets as well.

Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, and Kit Harington seen in premieres of Game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke with Peter Dinklage at the Premiere of Game of Thrones.


Pilou Asbaek also was seen in the premieres last night. He plays the villain in the show named Euron Greyjoy. He also said that the show is now the major part of the pop culture.

According to the show is all about the world in a very natural way. But this is all about strength and power, sex, and the universe as a whole. It is more like having a look at the world without filters.


Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, and Kit Harington seen in premieres of Game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington and Sophie Turner at the Red Carpet.

George R.R. Martin is the writer of the book which is referred to as the script of the show. He was not much into disputing the whole thing by making a way to the comparison. He stated that this is quite an arrogant approach but still he did not say this but they did that. The show cast appeared to surround him.

Kit Harrington who plays Jon Snow walked the carpet at the very last. He paused just to pose and he showed no attention for the notepads. After the screening of the last episode, the guests headed for a grand party.

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