Enjoy this World Music Day by knowing the uncommon facts about music

Enjoy this World Music Day by knowing the uncommon facts about music

Music holds such power that it can influence your mood, your health and your state of mind. Music is that weapon which can both establish as well as annihilate your mind. It is often experienced that our mood changes with rhythm and our mind relax because of different beats. Yesterday was dedicated to music. 21st June is recognized as World Music Day.

21st June is recognized as World Music Day

Enjoy this World Music Day by knowing the uncommon facts about music

World Music Day is here!!
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This day aims at bringing experts and new artists together on a single platform. World Music Day was celebrated for the very first time in France in the year 1982 on 21st June. It was done so in the hope of maintaining lasting peace in the world.

Joel Cohen, who was a musician in the United States of America, had put forth the idea of celebrating the day in the year 1976. However, this idea got implemented much later. Today World Music Day is celebrated in 110 countries across the globe.

It is believed that music can stimulate your body. People experience sensation in sensitive body parts while listening to music. The mind starts swinging in blissfulness and some tunes can even make you cry.

What all power music really has

We all have experienced in our lives. We can connect better with a song whose lyrics more or less resonate with our lives. Even psychologist Nick says that music has a strong relationship with health. The positive effect that music has over health has now gained popularity.

Music therapy is now a real thing. Certain musicians claim that each tune has a connection with life and thus can help in healing. Research on whether music’s effect on health is now under progress worldwide.

The ever-growing influence that music has on people is one of the driving forces for the celebration of World Music Day. So maybe when you feel down and low, a little soothing music can help you out of it.

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