Australia suffers nation wide internet breakdown after Optus service outage

Entire Country had Internet down: Optus Breakdown
Optus' customers face blackout on streaming and gaming platforms.

Optus is one of the leading telcos around the globe and the second largest telco in Australia. Its internet was down during the midday on Wednesday. It’s an ancillary brand, with Singtel being its parent company. Optus provides reliable internet and telecom facilities to its staunch customers.

On Wednesday, out of the blue, it went out of service for some of the customers. Streaming services such as Netflix and various other global websites are currently inaccessible.

Entire Country had Internet down: Optus Breakdown

Outrageous customers took to Twitter and various other social media platforms.

Internet down: Netizen’s Backlash

Optus users have come out full force and taken to Twitter and other social media platforms. They are expressing their rampant and boisterous outbursts, addressing this travesty.

The ‘Telco’ failed to do so during its nascent stage of outage. Enraged customers deluged Twitter with their derisive tweets. These tweets at last impelled the Optus Tech team to come out with a prompt reply on Twitter.

Entire Country had Internet down: Optus Breakdown

World’s leading streaming site, Netflix, went down in the outage.

Optus Retaliates

Optus finally gave a compendious reply to its customers. Seemingly, they stalled the situation for almost five hours. It said its personnel are apprised of the predicament that is being faced by thousands of customers across the nation.

The tech team is currently trying their best to restore everything to working order. Optus has promised to give an update as soon as possible and also expressed a heartfelt apology to its beloved customers.

Summarizing the scenario in a nutshell

Though the streaming websites and some gaming platforms are non-functional at this point; mobile data, call and SMS facilities are still at their full utility. Some broadband users at home have divulged their dissatisfaction and acrimony over rough connectivity.

The prime telco has not been specific regarding the date and time by when everything will be resolved, but they do have given an assurance to us that their elite tech team is fastidious in its metier and will not disappoint. Optus’ customers, though having led a full-fledged attack on the company, have also been very patient and deferential in their minds.

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