Epic Mega Sale extended with one FREE Game per Week

Epic Mega Sale is prolonged with one free game per week

Long awaited Epic Mega Sale has now dropped its end dates. Thereafter, the online store is getting ready for something more for its beloved fans. It’s great news and somehow the store is extending the sale period for rest of 2019. Before the sale they tentatively made biweekly offers but as the Mega Sale commenced it changed to weekly offers. However, the sale dates will continue uphill, allowing a free PC game with an initiation with “Enter the Gungeon”.

Epic Mega Sale reinitiates with “Enter the Gungeon”

Imagine getting a single game absolutely free for the next consecutive six month. So, a fair trade for the fans that’s cool by the way. More free games but subtly less of time remaining. The online store also captured themselves into some kind of bugs while making purchases. This problem made havoc among the fans when they literally tried to put five or more games into their cart. The end result blocked the owners account in accordance with suspicious activity.

Epic Mega Sale is prolonged with one free game per week

SOURCE: Epic Games Store

So, these kind of problems often arises among online stores. Due to activity, the problem is solved for the time being. Most importantly, the freebie date is extended, for now, making a silent march among the fans. New game Enter the Gungeon, which will start as a freebie from June 13 and likely to end on June 20.

Next week Space Fantasy: Rebel Galaxy to go free

A much-appreciated game among the fans and fighting simulation taking place at the Dungeon. The story revolves around some kind of regrets that the people of Gungeon keeps. They tirelessly fight to get a powerful gun which could help them to kill the past. Various auto weapons are also included like the cannon balls and even laser guns.

Epic Mega Sale is prolonged with one free game per week

SOURCE: Epic Games Store

Most profoundly, the game received an overall achievement from the critics as well as fans. The game even received 7 out of 10 from the GameSpot review panel. Just like this as the E3 season is up, there is more Epic games revelation that could catch your eye. And not Epic game, there are many more vital announcements from the E3 2019 event.

To get the free game all you need to make an Epic Game account. And in the next week, Rebel Galaxy will join the Epic Game Sale list.

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