Epix top shows Pennyworth, Punk, Get Shorty are now on AT&T Now

Epix has finally launched on AT&T's streaming service

The much-awaited channel Epix has finally launched on AT&T Now. AT&T Now was formerly known as DirecTV Now. Epix has also released some exceptional shows like Pennyworth. And now, AT&T collaborating with Epix is a piece of great news for all the fans.

AT&T Now surpasses 1.8 million subscribers

Epix has finally launched on AT&T's streaming service

AT&T Now, formerly DirecTV Now (Source: 9to5Mac)

AT&T Now has 1.34 million subscribers in its second quarter. However, the subscribers have reduced from the previous number that was around 1.8 million a year ago.

AT&T integrates with Epix

Epix has finally launched on AT&T's streaming service

AT&T integrates with Epix (Source: DirecTV)

No doubt, the integration will benefit both AT&T TV and Epix. AT&T will benefit Epix by raising the platform’s reach. And, thus Epix shows will be viewed by a larger audience. Epix shows will also give a boost in the number of subscribers of AT&T Now. AT&T will provide Epix to the users at an extra $6 per month.

However, Epix also saw significant growth in the number of viewers when they collaborated with Comcast previous year.

Epix List of Shows

Like all other digital platforms, Epix too takes an idea from the thriller movies. And then incorporates those ideas into shows.

One of the most notable show, running on Epix is Pennyworth alongside Punk and Get Shorty. The show describes the journey of life of Batman’s butler Alfred. And more hidden facts about his near and dear ones. They include his mother Martha Kane as well. The show has gained much popularity. And the audience eagerly waits for the next episode to air every Sunday night.

Epix president Michael Wright on the AT&T Now

Michael Wright, the president of Epix, shared his happiness about expanding their business. He also ensured to provide quality content and service to the new audiences. And, he also welcomes all the new viewers on their journey.

So, it will be interesting to see what other surprises the two entertainment giants have in store for their audience. For more updates, keep watching this space!

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