ESPY Awards 2019: Who-all succeeded in grabbing one??

ESPY Awards of 2019, Who-all succeeded in grabbing one??

We live in the 21st century, where sports is considered equally important as education. ESPY Awards which is ESPN’s yearly celebration for everything related to sports were held in Los Angeles this year. The 27 edition of the auspicious event was hosted by Comedian Tracy Morgan on Wednesday.

The ESPY awards goes to…

Saquon Barkley became the winner of The Best Breakthrough Athlete award. While Zion Williamson won the Best College Athlete and Drew Bress secured the Best Record Breaking Performance title. Drew successful built a new record for passing yards while playing against Redskins.

The Blues who catapult from last-position in the league to first by winning the franchise’s first-ever-championship won an award too. St. Louis Blues got much deserved Best Comeback award. Alex Morgan received the Best Athlete in female category award while Giannis Antetokounmpo won the male version.

Best Moment award of this year went to Lindsey Vonn, Dwyane Wade as well as Rob Gronkowski. However, the game got grabbed by the Los Angeles Rams’. Their record-setting victory in Monday Night Football over Kansas City Chiefs is something worth a watch!!

Best Team rightfully went to Women’s National Football Team of United States. For their remarkable victory in the FIFA Women’s World Cup Finale.

ESPY Awards of 2019: Who-all succeeded in grabbing one??

The United States Women’s National Soccer Team
Source: People

Some Special Awards

Pat Tillman Award for service- Kristie Ennis.

ESPY Awards of 2019: Who-all succeeded in grabbing one??

ESPY Awards
Source: Glamour

Arthur Ashe Award for Courage– Bill Russell.

The Capital one Cup winner award is shared by Virginia men and Stanford women.

The Jimmy V Award For Perseverance went to Rob Mendez.

Best Boxer Award- Canelo Álvarez.

Best Male Golfergot received by  Brooks Koepka, while Best Female Golfer: Brooke Henderson

WWE Moment of the Year – Return of Roman Reigns to Raw

Some of the remaining awards went to…

The Best Coach award went to the 77 years old Jim Calhoun. Ohashi received the Best Viral Sports Moment Award. The Best NFL player award went to Patrick Mahomes. While the best MLB Player goes to…… Christian Yelich.

The Best International Soccer player men’s category went to Lionel Messi, obviously. The female category of the award was received by Sam Kerr.

The ESPY best Boxer award went to  Canelo Álvarez.

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