Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower: When and where can you observe this around the world

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks this Weekend.

Haley’s Comet won’t return until the 2060s in the skies, still, we can have a glimpse through the Eta Aquarid meteor shower this weekend.

Eta Aquarid Meteor

These meteors are named as Eta Aquarid, which has a generation from the constellation Aquarius. That is the brightest star of the constellation, Eta Aquarii.

Amazingly, those who failed to see the well-known comet in the recent past will have an opportunity to see the trails of debris left behind.

Meteor showers can have visibility around the globe. This is from the night of May 4 to the dawn of Sunday. They have a speed of 66km/s into the earth’s atmosphere.

The International meteor organization (IMO) is also called the North of Equator. It can have 10-30 per hour but the south can rise up to 40 meteors per hour.

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks this Weekend.

As the Northern Hemisphere is closer to the horizon whereas the Southern Hemisphere where Aquarius is higher to the sky. We can have the debris light the sky once again during October with Orionid meteor. You guessed it – the origin of the meteor from the constellation Orion.

How to see this beauty?

If you want to have a view of the meteors, find a place with a wide night sky view or relax with a sleeping bag or lawn chair.

Importantly, avoid bright light or stay away from cellphones for around 20 minutes to adjust the eyes for the night sky. Be patient- it will last long.

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks this Weekend.

Sadly, if someone misses the Eta Aquarid they need to wait till July for another meteor showers. This time there won’t be one but two meteor shower from July 29 till the dawn, Aquarids and Alpha Capricornids.

The International Meteor Organization (IMO) said

“the dual meteor shower will bring around 20 meteors per hour. This will be along with fire balls from Alpha Capricornids. The fireballs will also light up the entire night sky”.


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