Evil Dead Video Game: Spoilers and much more!


Bruce Campbell almost a year ago gave away an announcement that he would be hanging up the chainsaw just to speak. The franchise of Evil Dead as we all know came to an end. When Ash versus Evil Dead’s final season was aired. Although in an interview, Bruce Campbell gave some spoilers about the Evil Dead Video Game. The star used the terminology ‘immersive’ which has to lead to its narration for whatever that game is. Is the game going to be VR-adjacent, but that does not seem to be the case.

Evil dead game could be on:

Spoilers for the Evil Dead Video Game

This news is coming straight from the newly appointed host of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Ashley Williams. The spoilers about the game were given by COD Zombies mode guest, a star named Bruce Campbell. It was shared on Twitter, you can check out the tweet right down below

There we have the info. It does seem like whatever the video game Evil Dead project is. But whenever it is about VR and licenses, most of the times the end result is more of experience than the game. Because of this, it had some amount of fans worried regarding the scale of the video game.

Spoilers for the Evil Dead Video Game

Video quality still to ponder upon:

Many of the other fans were concerned about the accessibility also because VR generally has a niche add on. It has certainly come as good news for the  VR fans who were excited about the Evil Dead game.

Although, what Campbell originally meant to say was ‘immersive’ is the simpler of the other options.  In previous times, Evil Dead video games have been mostly about third-person survival horror or adventure. It would not be a surprising fact to see a horror game or a first-person shooter game similar to the likes of Resident Evil. Any of this could set the tone of the game to be a good one.

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