EVO 2019 may introduce Hero DLC of Super Smash Bros Ultimate

EVO 2019 may introduce Hero DLC of Super Smash Bros

Well, Hero from Dragon Quest was about to join the Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character roster in July.

However, Nintendo (the gaming company) changed July to Summer in their official video launched for Hero. Fans speculated that it was in fact a leak. However, we still are at the end of July and there is no news regarding the same. It could have been a genuine mistake from Nintendo which they rectified by changing it to summer.

No news from the side of Nintendo has left fans wondering when will be the official announcement. Thus, fans have now turned on to gaming events to speculate on the launch. The upcoming Evolution Championship Series a.k.a EVO 2019 is giving fans the hope for the launch.

EVO is an eSports gaming tournament which selects 9 of the best fighting games around. Nintendo is ready this year with their Super Smash Bros Ultimate to make it to the top.

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To actually put a nail in this belief a twitter user named PushDustin put up a tweet,

It is a Japanese advertisement for Nintendo. As you can see clearly Hero is promoted in this ad to come this summer.

EVO is actually powered by PlayStation. Also, the nine games which will feature on EVO 2019, eight of them will be playable on PS4. Therefore, it is highly probable that this year Nintendo will steal the limelight from SONY. That’s why they have kept mum on the release of Hero.

Nintendo has always taken fans by surprise. The release of Joker from Persona 5 was totally unexpected at The Game Awards 2018.

SSBU is an outstanding fan favourite game. Also, over just its 3-month release i.e in April this year, it sold freaking 13.81 million units! Following Hero’s release, we also have the release of Banjo Kazooie who is up for a release date too. Banjo is scheduled for fall 2019. So after Hero fans will still be speculating other releases.

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