EXO K-Pop band sends another member off to military training

K-Pop band EXO sends another member off to military training: D.O.

Another bitter-sweet moment has crossed the path of the K-Pop boys band EXO. The 26-years old EXO member D.O. has officially enlisted his name for the military service on 1st July.For next five weeks the military training center shall be his home.  It is definitely a sad day for all EXO-Ls.!!!!

K-Pop band EXO sends another member off to military training: D.O.

D.O. goes off to military training
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D.O. bids his temporary adieu as he leaves for military training

This not the first time a member of EXO is going for the military training. To be more accurate D.O., the vocalist is the second member who has taken this path. Xiumin, the eldest member was the first one who temporarily left the band for this task. He is still under-the-process of getting trained.

D.O. enlisted today into the military sans any grand celebration for the event. However, all his fellow EXO members did not forget to bid him adieu. All of them except Xiumin, who is currently under-training saw him off as well as bid their temporary goodbyes.

Kai, Sehun, Chen, Suho, Baekhyun, Lay, and Chanyeol all clicked group photos before allowing D.O. to enter the training center. They later shared these photos along with lovely caption for all EXO-Ls via their Instagram accounts.

Members of EXO shared their love and support though media

K-Pop band EXO sends another member off to military training: D.O.

That’s Okay released today
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Although, each member of the group was dressed in casual dresses they looked immaculate as ever. The most eye-catching thing about the photos was the shaved head of D.O. which was done in anticipation of his enlistment. The hair salon Bit & Boot too had shared a photo of D.O.’s shaved head, ahead of his enlistment.

Suho, the leader of EXO’s posted the photo with the caption that said “We are one! Let’s love, EXO”. Chanyeol posted numerous pictures with the caption “Don’t get hurt.”

All the photos that were posted appeared to be candid. The pictures featured the boys messing around D.O. and holding his newly shaved head. They all lived this bitter sweet moment with a smile on their faces that spoke of the support they were furnishing D.O. with.

This depressing day became a bit more bearable because of the release of D.O.’s solo single on SM STATION. The release took place at 6pm KST and the song was titled “That’s Okay”.

Looks like this news might cheer-up the sad fans of EXO’s.

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