EXO’s D.O. pre-military enlistment solo song tops iTunes

D.O.'s pre-military enlistment solo song tops iTunes chart all over the globe

1st July has served as a rollercoaster ride for all EXO’s fans. As D.O. bid his temporary adieu, so as to complete his compulsory military training, fans were engulfed by misery. The moment of gloom became bearable because of the release of D.O.’s solo track the very same day. However, today each EXO’s D.O. fan must be ecstatic for their idol has topped iTunes Charts all around the world with his solo!!!!

D.O.'s pre-military enlistment solo song tops iTunes chart all over the globe

That’s Okay tops iTunes chart
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“That’s Okay” tops iTunes chart of several regions

Yes, you read that right the last solo track of D.O. before leaving for his training, has proved its worth. The song, which is aptly named as “That’s Okay” has topped the iTunes charts. The song was released by SM STATION on the day of his enlistment.

It was perceived by many of his fans as his way of saying a temporary good-bye. It looks fans have done their best to prove their love. At around 10:08 am KST on the 2nd of July D.O.’s latest solo song soared up till was on the top of iTunes chart.

It topped the iTunes chart in at least 16 different regions. Egypt, Colombia, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Qatar and Cambodia are some of them. “That’s Okay” even topped the iTunes chart of United Arab Emirates. The bittersweet moment of yesterday has turned into a moment of pure joy for EXO’s fans.

EXO’s D.O. is off to his compulsory military services

On 1st July EXO’s vocalist, D.O. officially enlisted his name for military services. For the next five weeks, the military training centre is bound to be his home now. All of the fellow-EXO mates of D.O. did not forget to bid their temporary good-byes.

D.O.'s pre-military enlistment solo song tops iTunes chart all over the globe

D.O.’s solo song makes it to the top of the iTunes chart
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All the EXO members except Xiumin who is currently under-training himself saw him off. They snapped group photos with EXO’s D.O. before allowing him to enter the centre. EXO members later shared these photos on their Instagram accounts along with lovely, encouraging captions.

The most eye-catching thing in the photos was the newly shaved head of D.O. Even the hair salon Bit & Boots shared a photo of EXO’s D.O. flaunting his shaved head, ahead of his enlistment. Well, fans are desperately waiting for his return!!

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