Face App is Trending again on Twitter and Instagram, users are sharing Older versions of Top Celebrities

Face App with celeb face morph is going viral

Face App is the latest thing trending on social media handles such as Twitter and Instagram. The whole of the internet is filled with posts where users are sharing how they will look when they get old, along with the older version of famous personalities and celebrities.

The application which goes by the name is available on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

All of a sudden there is a tremendous increase in the total number of installation of the App. People are going crazy and there is no stopping them. Here are the reasons why Face App is in trend again and some of the bests pictures it has edited.

Why is the App in Trend again?

The Face App came out in the year 2017 but was not a hit and no one had even heard about it a few days ago. As of today, it is the number App in photo and video section and has more than 10 million downloads.

There are two reasons why it has gotten so much popular. First, the Face App has gotten so much better and is giving out accurate results. It uses an AI to edit the photos and the effects are getting as accurate as possible.

The second reason behind its sudden fame is because it has been made into a trending challenge on social media. Everyone is sharing their Face App edited photo and it is compelling others to do the same. It is the same thing which happened with Prisma App or the 10 years challenge.

Face App: Top Celebrities getting Older

Someone has edited the Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Sarah Lance in the Face App and the results are amazing. It looks as accurate it can get and while the reality may differ, we will have to accept the results for now. Here are some of the other best Face App edited photos on Twitter, which proves how amazing and realistic the App has gotten.

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