FaceApp evoking security concerns with data leakage to Russia

FaceApp evoking security concerns with data leakage to Russia
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FaceApp is gaining huge attention all over the internet. But there is something you should be worried about instead of checking what you will look like after decades.

FaceApp allows several links to steal your data

FaceApp is solely created for entertainment purposes. It lets you see how you will look when you grow old. The app has been raising concerns after a shocking revelation. Recently, it is being reported that it is stealing your private information.

FaceApp security concerns: Russians now own all your old photos from worldnews

The Russian-based developer may sell the data after stealing people’s information and photos. Sen. Chuck Schumer decided to write a letter to the Federal Trade Commission and the FBI to investigate into the matter.

Furthermore, he added that the personal information uploaded by millions of citizens of America onto FaceApp might be used by the Russian government. Also, the Democratic National Committee has requested the party’s presidential campaigns to avoid using this app.

FaceApp: Is The Russian Face-Ageing App A Danger To Your Privacy? from technology

FaceApp company’s reply on the controversy

The FaceApp was built by Russian developers. The creators of the FaceApp stated that they don’t share or sell user data to 3rd parties. The statement also said that they did not transfer information to Russia.

According to the detailed research, the FaceApp asks people to agree to certain terms. It asks for their permission to store and transfer their data to America and other countries.

Plus, the terms also asks the user to give company royalty-free and irrevocable permission to use their photos and information, even while displaying ars for the app. The company says that their server deletes most of the pictures after 48 hours.

Currently, FaceApp has become the top-performing app for Android and iOS users. Besides, it has crossed more than 100 million downloads. The app has gained huge fame in less time and all the credit goes to celebrities who have used it.

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