Facebook campus: False Alarm of nerve agent Sarin

False Alarm of nerve agent Sarin in Facebook campus

The Silicon Valley campus of Facebook faced mayhem after a false alarm of Sarin presence. It was speculated that a package at the mail facility is encasing the nerve agent, Sarin in it. However, on Tuesday all such fears and doubts evaporated as the campus received an all-clear.

False Alarm of nerve agent sarin in Facebook campus

Facebook campus checked for the presence of sarin
Source: ABC7.com

Facebook: What is the ruckus about?

The ruckus began on Monday when a rumour of a Sarin containing package being present in mail facility spread like wildfire. Four buildings of the social media company were evacuated because of the rumours. Two people who were anticipated to have been exposed to the attacking agent were checked.

Checking began soon after evacuation. The fire marshal of the Menlo Park which is situated in California announced that no toxic material was found. The exhaustive testing with fire and hazardous material proved that the item was non-toxic.

Jon Johnston, the fire marshal told Reuters that there is no Sarin in the campus. He even informed people about the safety measures that Facebook takes as well as about their routine checks. Facebook has initiated a standard safety protocol and checks all packages under it.

No Sarin was found

False Alarm of nerve agent sarin in Facebook campus

2 people were checked for exposure
Source: CBS San Francisco

Federal Bureau of Investigation popularly known as FBI also visited the scene. Facebook confirmed the visit of FBI. However, no representative of Facebook was available to confirm the all-clear which it received on Tuesday.

Facebook owns 2.3 billion monthly active users and has 55 billion dollars of revenue stored up. However, massive popularity and fame have often brought Facebook in the limelight for wrong reasons. It is also the cause which made Facebook subjected to cyber attacks.

Not the first time for the social media giant

This is not the first time such an event has taken place in Facebook’s building. In December, the social media company faced a bomb threat on the main campus of Menlo Park. However, even at that time, the news was just a false alarm thing. For nothing really happened and no bomb was found.

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