Facebook Co-Founder – Chris Hughes Demands For Breakup

Facebook Co-Founder - Chris Hughes Demands For Breakup
Co-founder of facebook calls to Breakup

On Thursday, Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes demands Facebook to split this world’s largest social media into three part. In the past years, many activities happened on this social media platform. Activities like misinformation and data sharing and all these activities are unacceptable.

Hughes also wrote – “We are a nation with a tradition of reining in monopolies, no matter how good the intentions of these big companies maybe. Mark’s power is unprecedented and un-American.

Facebook Co-Founder: Other Social Media Platforms Under Facebook

Facebook Co-Founder - Chris Hughes Demands For Breakup

Facebook also bought two major social media platforms “Instagram and WhatsApp” in 2012 and 2014. And both these platforms have more than 1 billion users. Whereas, Facebook alone has more than 2 Billion active users.

Facebook Co-Founder, Hughes also asked Mark Zuckerberg to make separate companies for these two platforms “Whatsapp and Instagram” and their main focus should be on regulating the internet. Mark Zuckerberg is also attending a meeting on Friday regarding Internet Regulation with Emmanuel Macron (President of the French Republic).

The Facebook spokesperson also said in his statement – They accept that after Facebook became successful they became liable. But you don’t enforce responsibility by asking for breaking up this company.

Introducing New Rules Over The Internet

Facebook Co-Founder - Chris Hughes Demands For Breakup

We should implement new rules over the Internet, as that is the only way to achieve accountability from big tech companies. And for this purpose “French President called Mark Zuckerberg for the meeting.

Anti-Trust law makes such a tough proposal that can’t be executed directly because for that government have to call the company in court and win.

Facebook Co-Founder, founded the company Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz in 2004. But he left Facebook in 2007. He once posted on Linkedin that he earned around half a billion dollar in just three years for his work.

Later Hughes also added in his statement that -“It’s been more than 15 years I Co-founded Facebook with Mark but I didn’t work here for almost 10 years. But still, I feel the same sense of feeling as Mark feels.”

He also said that for the privacy of the company “Mark” should be held responsible.

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