Facebook to fight Epidemics by launching Disease Prevention Maps

Facebook to fight epidemics by launching disease prevention maps

Facebook in it’s another techno-social initiative launched maps to fight for put an end to the epidemics. Health organizations may use the maps to respond to outbreaks and prevent diseases.

Facebook to bring the CURE on table

Facebook to fight epidemics using real time maps

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The disease prevention maps are ought to retain information of population density, network connectivity across areas and the real-time movement.

Specifically, they estimate the numbers of people residing in 30-meter of grid tiles, children under age of five and women attaining reproductive age.

This will enable health communities and researchers to have a greater outlook of vulnerable groups and fight for the cure.

The maps are gonna provide a better understanding of people and their chances to fall for chronic diseases.

Mark to Mark another levelling challenge

Facebook to fight epidemics using real time maps

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The maps didn’t use existing Facebook data for their implementation. Rather, the data only works in creating movement maps of users. In fact, the idea got real through a massive combination of AI vision with census info and satellite images.

This is not the first time Facebook has come up with such a brilliant hack. It released similar maps for disaster prevention two years ago. The makers implemented the same idea on the general health of people. The maps are supposed to be three times more detailed than other sources.

Facebook to fight epidemics by launching disease prevention maps

The technology may help to eliminate the measles outbreak, the U.S. is currently facing. Around 880 lives in the USA are suffering from the disease. The numbers are the highest in 25 years.

Facebook has shared them with 13 initial partners. They include UNICEF, Harvard School of Public Health and World Economic Forum. They will soon be receiving access to maps with respective data.

The team is also designing real-time networks where health groups can chat with people for activities like vaccines and health check-ups in advance.

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