Facebook Google Drive USB drive and more banned for government employees

Facebook Google Drive USB drive and more banned for government employees

Government employees won’t be allowed to use Facebook, USB drive, Google Drive, and more during their working hours.

Ministry of Home Affairs bans accessing Facebook:

Past months have been very heavy for various companies. In order to avoid incidents of hacking and data leaks, the Ministry of Home Affairs has strictly issued guidelines for the government employees.

They are restricting the officials from using social media including Facebook, Google drive, etc and reduce the usage of internet. Also, NISPG has enforced new rules. Their main motive is to prevent stealing of their sensitive information due to the carelessness of employees in government offices.

Last month, various hacking cases have appeared on the surface. So now, protecting confidential data on cloud services has become important for the government. Besides, the workers are also restricted from using social media like Twitter and Facebook on their laptops and phones.

More details about the social media ban

The new rule is applicable for all the officials who have access to the government personal information. The policy applies to all employees, consultants, contractual staff, partners, communication networks, and other accessible or stored systems by government.

Government officials aren't allowed to use social media during working hours.

Credits: Sri Lanka Mirror

The ministry has also banned government workers from using Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and other cloud services apart from Facebook. The officials are not allowed to store information on private cloud services. If any employee is found guilty, then he will be held responsible for the leakage of information.

Government employees can access social media only when they are permitted. They are also not allowed to carry their classified work on pc connected to private cloud services. Moreover, they can only use standalone systems. By following strict rules, various companies can easily prevent security breach and secure their personal data.

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