Facebook is venturing into the field of robotics


You don’t get to hear every day about a social media giant putting its research and money into a field that it is not even remotely related to. But, Facebook is doing it. They are researching in the robotics field. Now this research may or may not affect the experience of the Facebook platform but the findings can be interesting and useful.

Robotics might be a new area for Facebook but it does heavily utilizes Artificial intelligence.

To perfect their AI systems, Facebook wants to learn. It will go to any leaps and bounds to do that. It is very much possible to learn about AI from robots.

Let’s check out the possible applications of this research project.

Facebook is venturing into the field of robotics

The Facebook Logo. Source: Futurism

Facebook: The ability to walk

The ability to walk and the process of learning to walk is a very difficult activity for a machine to replicate. What Facebook is trying to achieve with this experiment is that their AI systems be able to navigate the seamless amount of data that Facebook receives.

Even though walking on the floor is a far different activity than running through data streams, it will still give Facebook researchers some insight. They can understand how an AI system can learn to do various tasks. Also, how they can be programmed to learn from their mistakes.


The robots at play. Source: Wired

Making a robot curios

Facebook has been applying the concept of curiosity to robots. Now we all know that curiosity doesn’t necessarily kill the cat always. Sometimes it can do wonders and the company is trying to achieve that only.

Now, what curiosity here means is that the robotic arm is given freedom to exercise control. The AI is controlling it completely and it can adjust it according to its liking. It can control its grip or the camera’s angle.  This could be used for learning about environments. It can also be used to enhance Facebook’s camera features.

The world of robots and machine learning is here. But, let’s just hope that AI doesn’t take over the world someday.

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