Facebook Rumored to Split from Instagram and WhatsApp


Mark Zuckerberg is feeling betrayed by the actions of Co-founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes wanting to split up the company. Mark isn’t happy and doesn’t want Facebook to bifurcate and wants to keep its child companies together. He believes that Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp should work together.

Mark thinks that breaking up the company is not going to help stop the election tampering that has been around. He also says that fighting election meddling requires billions of dollars of investment.  If we need to keep democracies alive, Facebook needs to stay.


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Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg’s argument

Mark is saying that Facebook’s problem with privacy, safety and misinformation cannot be addressed swiftly and directly by just breaking up the company. Breaking up the company is not the solution. He wants the integration to stay.

The Facebook app family that is Facebook and Instagram and Whatsapp would have to spend a lot less amount of money when spending in technology to provide safety nets. Artificial intelligence would turn out to be much cheaper if the company remains together. It will also help with the spotting of bots. The ones that are spreading contents that fuel voter suppression.


Chris Hughes looking rather concerned.

Chris Hughes’s Argument

Hughes believes that Mark has got a huge amount of power. It’s unmatched and he also believes that it is unamerican. He thinks that Facebook has been obtaining and taking everything valuable on social media. It is giving Mark the power to control mass decisions and sway public opinion which he believes is wrong. That kind of power shouldn’t be available to any human.

Hughes also pressed upon another concerning issue. He says people are locked onto the ecosystem of this social media platform and they have nowhere to go. He believes that this platform is everywhere. If the users try to move to another social media platform, there isn’t any viable option available to the public. Competition isn’t present at all.

The social media platform has been a real game changer. It has shifted many elections as we all are aware. It will be exciting to see what’s in store for Facebook in the coming year.

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