Facebook Update brings New Feature that is called “Secret Crush”

Facebook Update Brings New Feature that is called"Secret Crush"

Are you tired of using tinder or any other dating app?  Also, is your crush is not available on Tinder! Don’t worry, Facebook is going to release a new feature on their website. This feature is similar to tinder. The feature name is called “Secret Crush”.

This will allow you to tell who you like and if the other person says the same about you then congrats “it’s a match” and both of you will be notified.

Facebook: The new feature

This amazing feature of Facebook dating, which was launched the previous year. It allows people to find a potential match within their Facebook groups, communities or even friends of your friends.

Facebook Update Brings New Feature that is called"Secret Crush"

Facebook Update Brings New Feature that is called”Secret Crush”
Source: Independent

This feature will show you the people who are interested in. It also shows people attending the same event which you are going to attend. So isn’t this an amazing thing?

This feature is already launched in some of the prestigious countries like in Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand. And soon is going to release in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, and Brazil.

The announcement

Facebook also said that people will be able to match up with their friends.

“Many users told them there is a potential opportunity to explore romantic relationships within their own friend’s circle.”

However, it is an announcement as yet.

Facebook Update Brings New Feature that is called"Secret Crush"

If it’s enabled then you can add up to 9 of their Facebook friends that you want to express your feelings or interest in. And if any nine of them registered themselves in this Secret Crush feature then they will get a notification. The notification will say that someone has a crush on them.

Then if any person adds you in their Secret Crush list so congrats “match will happen.” And now you guys will be able to talk to each other.

But one more thing that you don’t need to worry about at all is if a person has not registered her/him on this dating feature then they will never come to know that you have entered your friend into it.

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