Beware of fake customer care numbers on Google that might wipe your account

Beware of fake customer care numbers on Google that might wipe your account

No doubt, Google has provided ease to us in every domain. But, at the same time, fake customer care numbers might even make you vulnerable at certain times. Usually, we are in habit of searcing everything on Google that we are unable to find manually. But, we cannot rely on search results completely as they might be fake!

Fake Customer Care Numbers on Google

Recently, many cases from the parts of the world have come into the spotlight. In these cases, users searched for the customer service numbers on Google when they couldn’t find them. And, this led them to a trap unknowingly.

On dialing on these numbers, you’ll find the voice on the other side to be the one that you’ll expect from a customer service center- calm and reassuring.

Cases that swept Bank Accounts

As previously said, many cases of fake customer service numbers have appeared in the headlines. Here’s a log of such cases from different parts of the world:

Beware of fake customer care numbers on Google that might wipe your account

Zomato Fake Customer Service Number Case (Source: Inc42)

Recently, a case from Bengaluru, India has stunned everyone. A woman lost her complete bank balance because of calling a fake customer service number. She couldn’t find the number in Zomato, food app. So, she searched the number from Google and dialed to seek the refund for the order. And her bank account was swept away after she shared her bank details with the fake customer service.


A man from Honolulu received a mail that appeared to be from PayPal. The mail showed that he had paid $25 to someone but he didn’t know who it was. So, he searched for the PayPal customer care number and dialed. At first, he didn’t realize that the man was not a customer care representative.

He told him the problem and the man told his account was attacked and he needs to buy a gift card. That moment, the man realized it was a scammer and hung up. He was lucky enough! But you might not be.

How to prevent being attacked by such a scam?

Beware of fake customer care numbers on Google that might wipe your account

Beware of fake customer care numbers (Source: LifeHacker)

Anyone can become a victim of such a scam. So, to assure that you don’t get attacked by the one, make sure you follow these measures:

  1. Whenever you search for a customer care number on Google, turn back around. And search it back in the box to verify if there are any reports or complaints registered against that number.
  2. The best thing to do is to head over to the company’s website and check for the official logo of the company. If the logo appears to be same, you can dial the number without any worries.
  3. And, god forbid, if you are attacked by any such scam, do report it on BBB Scam Tracker to help others from it.

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