Fans freaking over Bully 2 release as more Easter Eggs appear

Fans freaking over Rumored Bully 2 release

Bully 2 of Rockstar games is about to arrive in the late 2020’s according to reports from unknown sources. On Sunday SWEGTA a famous Youtuber shared a video claiming to receive info of the highly awaited sequel. He claims that the info is received from an insider of Rockstar games. The insider info says that Bully 2 will be hitting the shelves around later parts of the next year.

Bully 2 bullying players

Fans freaking over Rumored Bully 2 release

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It’s been 14 years since Bully hit the shelves. As per SWEGTA reports, the timeframe makes sense completely. As it is going to coincide with releases of next-gen Playstation and Xbox consoles. The game is reportedly to be coming on Playstation 5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Scarlett. The motive for this seems financially legit as per SWEGTA.

Citing the example of GTA V on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Bully 2 latency can be subjected. The Youtuber also suggests Bully’s Easter egg in GTA Online casino update. This includes the number of art pieces which can be available for display in the new Penthouses.

One workpiece sparks speculation of an ever happening release of Bully 2 as it was having the title of Canis Canem Edit. This motto is linked with Bully’s Bullworth academy. The piece also features four panels, each of them having different images.

Expectations rising

Fans freaking over Rumored Bully 2 release

The pieces in artwork include a fist, a skull, a snake and a rat, all of these are on academy’s crest. It’s obvious that Rockstar games could be nodding to it’s most beloved games, but the recent Bully report states that the company is teasing of the sequel’s release. It’s more important to note that Rockstar Games have not yet given the confirmation about it’s rumoured release.

But eventually, this has not stopped fans from freaking out on social media. We can have a look from SWEGTA’s report below of the people clarifying the results of release.

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