Final Fantasy 7 is still Alive-Teaser Trailer Dropped

Final Fantasy 7 is still alive - teaser trailer dropped

Final Fantasy 7 remake teaser is out and the franchise promises to drop more this June. The game was up in the news to be episodic and here what it is.

While this may not be the perfect news, however, Square Enix confirmed in a report that the four years old news is still true. Therefore, Final Fantasy 7 will be released in an episodic format. The game developer, Square Enix went through some problems in 2017. However, the third-party studio CyberConnect2 was backed out in 2017.

Final Fantasy 7 is still alive - teaser trailer dropped

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The trailer is mostly made up as the first act in Midgar. Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem like a remake but a reimagined new game. It also includes new extreme character abilities and some new abilities. As soon as the teaser dropped the discussion erupted along with the excitement for the Japanese epic.

Most of the reactions of the trailer were positive. However, in the case of Barret Wallace, the reactions were mixed. Barret Wallace is a stereotype kind in the English translation of the game. The character of Barret was mistranslated as a result. It expresses it to a depressed cloud on the other hand, in Japanese text, it refers to the cloud that everyone gets depressed.

Final Fantasy 7 is still alive - teaser trailer dropped


Barret’s character needs renovation

From the trailer, the voice of Wallace really leans within Mr T’s characterization. Over the years, fans have waited that the high muscularity in Barret’s characterization will change over remaking. Subsequently, the fans are really disappointed about this.

Beau Billingslea, the voice actor for Barret has a career record performance. He has the talent to come up with a change in the character. However, from the trailer, there isn’t so much to be known. For now, we need to wait for better updates from the franchise. After that, we can assume the remake to be more of reimagined or the whole new game development.

The franchise wanted to take control of the quality moreover, to keep a check on the schedule. In short, we are waiting to see the decision to be correct.

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