Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak – details of the leak

Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak – details of the leak

From the announcement date of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, fans are eagerly waiting for a chunk of details. However, major details breached the fans following the head of Final Fantasy. However, the leak of the game was posted on Reddit and the internet broke out which revealed a lot about the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak – details of the leak

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak – what is inside the leak

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be out in multiple parts, as per the leak it will contain around 2 parts. Where the first part will end clipping Aerith is let down in the water and it fades to black. From the leak, it also reveals each part will cost around 59.99 US dollars.

A summary has been listed about the characters involved in the remake. Tifa is stabled with her original outfit whereas Cait Sith has also not gone any major changes. In addition, Yuffie and Vincent have grown out from the optional characters. So, if Yuffie has been added as a player in the rocket town, he will automatically join the party.

In respect to combat, the leak suggests players need to do combos to get a heavy hit. As an example, the Buster Sword has the power of punisher attack whereas Rune Blade has Cleave. Just like, every weapon has its own heavy hits. The game introduced a new summon called Amarok which can cause darkness with damage.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak – details of the leak

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Leak reveals the map outline, Materia and Demo

With every weapon equipped, Materia will be visible on them. While exploring the character models the equipped weapon give the presence of Materia. However, the armours won’t be having the Materia.

In addition, the map will be all connected except some will have a discrete zone. The number of floors in the Shinra Headquarter is reduced still there will be more to explore. To get access in the Honey Bee Inn which previously required membership card, for now, it needs Gil.

As per the leak, Final Fantasy 7 Remake will give a demo at E3 2019. However, the claims mentioned above gets an official statement later next month.

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