Final Fantasy soundtracks are now available on Spotify

Final Fantasy soundtracks are now available on Spotify

Fan of a final fantasy?? Well, here we are with some great news for all Final Fantasy lovers. Every main soundtrack of the video game is now available on Spotify. So if you are about to start a new journey or you’re already in the middle of one, then Final Fantasy soundtrack can be your companion.

Final Fantasy soundtracks are now available on Spotify

Enjoy Final Fantasy soundtracks on Spotify
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Enjoy Final Fantasy soundtracks on Spotify

The soundtracks of main entries of the Final Fantasy series are now available on Spotify and Apple Music. The soundtrack from the very first game all the way to the Final Fantasy 15 can now be enjoyed on Spotify. Spotify Technology was founded in 2006. It is basically a Swedish media service provider.

Spotify at resent offers soundtrack of Final Fantasy 1 to 15 and even some sub-sequels are there. Umpteen side titles such as FF tactics and Type-0 are also present on Spotify.

Official Final Fantasy Soundtracks now on spotify from FFXV

No X-2 and some others are still missing from the app. Tactics Advance and A2 are some of the soundtracks who are missing from the app. However, there is still hope of its late arrival.

Final Fantasy soundtracks are now available on Spotify

Listen to Final Fantasy soundtracks
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The original Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy 10 soundtracks have made it to the list.

No official announcement has been made

The most surprising thing is that Square Enix did not make any announcement regarding this matter. Square Enix social media channels also do not hold information regarding this great step of theirs. Maybe the special contest being held for Final Fantasy VII will hold an official announcement.

Some of the titles are written in Japanese, which might cause trouble for people to identify their favourites.

All the original Final Fantasy soundtracks are now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. FINALLY. from soundtracks

Spotify is trying its level hard to take things to the next level with Final Fantasy soundtracks. For it is creating multiple live concert versions from the Final Fantasy soundtrack that is available to it. These soundtracks include the Distant Worlds collection as well. Ergo giving its users plenty of music to enjoy.

Spotify does not hold a reputation of showering extreme profits on its artists. Still, the gamers suffering through the soundtracks are bound to give Square Enix a boost financially.

Hope the remaining soundtracks will soon make it to the list and be available to enjoy. Check out The Geek Herald for more updates.

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