Fire Emblem: Three Houses now on Nintendo Switch; gameplay, walkthroughs and more

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Nintendo releases another strategy yet tactical console game for its Nintendo Switch. Fire Emblem: Three Houses will help in developing tactics through the game. Quite a lot of non-combat strategies will take place on the base. Whereas, the base is the monastery of the game.

The initial release of the game is on 26 July 2019 and specifically for Nintendo Switch. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses provide various facilities

The game evolves with chat facilities and acquires quests to progress the game. Other activities can help to achieve activity points. But at the beginning, only some portion of the monastery will be open, as you progress the monastery will be more vivid.

Fire Emblem: three houses console game guide and gameplay

Credits: Polygon

Some major activities which can help to gain activity points. Such as fishing, gardening, buying items from the market, and socialization. More importantly, an ethical archetype is essential for making excellent communication in the class. For which every other character need to get additional assistance.
Every other character is a reign of something else.

A particular character who excels in something needs to get more hype for that thing. This will help to develop a party for the class to support each archetype. The Fire Emblem: three houses don’t recommend to attach abilities automatically. This means that all the equipment and skills need to be done manually.

Don’t forget to upgrade your skills and weapons before a combat

While changing the classes frequently can help to gain additional skills. However, some skills don’t help with the available class and Can be useless. Other things first, players can check their ability slots from the inventory section by pressing the X button. 

Fire Emblem: three houses console game guide and gameplay

Credits: Polygon

Unfortunately, weapons in this game degrade after making combats. To keep it up to date, you need to upgrade before getting into a battle. I request not to spend too many durability points rather than selling at a lower cost and buy newer versions.

Everything is under control, Fire Emblem: Three Houses join high vigilance on settings. By which settings like animation, combat duration, or grid overlay can be turned off and on. But one of the all other contexts, “Action skin” needs to be turned off during combats. This setting can also be left behind by pressing the + button.

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