Fire Force Episode 3: Joker reveals Shinra past and Fire Force mystery

Fire Force episode 3 details

After the Kyoto Animation tragedy, Fire Force Episode 3 was delayed. Later it was released on 26th July, Friday. The show is back in action, and there is too much to watch in episode 3. For prerequisites do visit,

Fire Force Episode 3 to release after the Kyoto Animation Tragedy

Long story short, there was a fire-tragedy in the Kyoto Animation studio. People lost lives and livestock. Thus, episode 3 was delayed.

*Further post contains spoilers

Character Development on Fire Force

Well, we are not starting with prerequisites. So directly jumping onto the story we have Rookie Fire Soldier Games are here and Shinra and team are ready to participate in it. The games focus on showcasing pyrotechnic skills while still having a sense of responsibility to save people. It is a training session for the team. Things don’t go out as planned.

Before jumping in the storyline, there are a few characters whose interactions are shown in episode 3. However, most of the episode was to fight and dialogues between Joker and Shinra. The  Joker is one havoc making, devious villain. Joker falls in the same category as DC’s iconic villain, Joker. He finds it funny to torture the heroes rather than merely defeating them. Joker is a fun villain. Nevertheless, he has tonnes of potential to grow.

We also see two new Fire Force members, Commander Leonard Burns, and Tamaki Kotatsu. They both are from company 1. Leonard Burns was present when Shinra’s parents died in the mysterious fire. The further plot of Burns has been kept secret for future episodes.

Fire Force Episode 3- Plotline

The task is to save a crewman who is currently posing as an Infernal. Shinra tries to do it and uses his ability to fly to get there. However, he encounters the mystery man who promises to tell him the secrets of the fire 12 years ago. Also, during the fight, Joker gives a hint that even after his family dying allegedly, his brother is still alive.

Post the fight, Joker releases ashes which lights the building up with explosions. Shinra saves everyone. Shinra then asks Captain about the truth of Fire Force. Captain reveals many details, including the formation of FF with the Holy Sol temple, Tokyo Armed force and Fire Defense Agency.

Also, he talks about Hijima industries power over the companies. Moreover, Captain himself is suspicious of the Fire Force.

Suspense regarding the roles of Joker, Captain, and Sho(brother of Shinra) is still intact. It will be fun to watch Fire Force’s upcoming episodes.

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